While the Indian education system concentrates on loading as much information as possible in the minds of the students, it rarely enables the teachers to draw out their inherent potential. The change was needed to stop teachers from directing and feeding in answers in the minds of the learners; to bring about a paradigm shift by getting the teachers to become facilitators of knowledge; and to help the learners to extract solutions, question preset theories and be responsive and adaptable. Thus, a unique pedagogy had to be built to fulfill this vision and philosophy.

Every child must be brought up with care to bring out his or her inherited potentialities. Our school focuses attention on cultural as well as sports activities apart from adequate attention to studies to make education a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Our School offers learning opportunities for the students and the staff in order that they might develop into productive leaders. Here at VIDYARAMBHAM we focus on the holistic development of the students shaping them into worthy citizens of India instilled with spirit of integrity, love and faith.